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Laminated Glass


Laminated glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass, with one or more layers of organic polymer intermediate film sandwiched between them. After special high-temperature preloading (or vacuuming) , high-temperature and high-pressure processing, the laminated glass and the intermediate film are permanently bonded together as a composite glass product.Even if the glass breaks, the pieces will stick to the film, and the broken surface remains clean and smooth.


Impact: effective against external shocks, even if the glass is broken, the pieces of the glass still stick together in the medial membrane, and it doesn't hurt anyone.

Penetration resistance: even appear strong destruction of openings, the gap is minimal.

Sound insulation performance: the ability to cancel resonance and absorb low frequency sound waves such as traffic vehicles and aircraft, etc.

Bullet-proof: to prevent from being hurt by the bullet hit the glass fragments team personnel.

Decorative: the laminated glass can be treated with heat bending, glaze, coloring, mirror, printing and fusing according to the needs of aesthetics and safety.


1. Building law regulations need to use safe glass, such as glass skylight canopy.
2. Station, airport and other places of sound insulation with special requirements.
3. Banks and various kinds of exhibition halls.
4. Car or ship window, etc.
5. Interior decoration and furniture.