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PVB Film


PVB film is a translucent film, has good adhesion to quartz glass, with transparent, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, mechanical strength , is a good adhesive material for manufacturing laminated glass.


Security: due to PVB film and the toughness of the glass bond, laminated glass becomes a good performance of safety glass materials.Anti-theft: laminated glass made with PVB film is very tough, even when broken by thieves, as the middle layer is firmly attached to the glass.Sound insulation: the elastic PVB film in laminated glass blocks sound waves, effectively reducing noise transmission.Uv protection: PVB diaphragm maximum limit reduces the ultraviolet light, cover more than 99% of the harmful ray.


PVB film can absorb the impact energy and reduce the splashes of broken pieces. This kind of safety glass is widely used in cars, buildings, exhibition cabinets, various bulletproof glass, etc. In the meantime, there are excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, security, shock resistance, sunshade and other properties, which are ideal safety glass processing materials in the market.