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Ultra Clear Glass


Ultra clear glass is a kind of super clear low iron glass, also called low iron glass or high transparent glass. It is not like common glass gives you a sense of green.It has good transmittance of light and looks like the crystal. It is a new type of high quality, multi-function glass.Its light transmittance can reach more than 91.5%.


Ultra clear glass is a high transmission rate of low iron glass, transmission rate can reach about 91%, also known as low iron glass. It is a high quality, multi-functional new high-grade glass. The most important market of ultra-white glass is famous buildings and their decorations. It can be cut,drilled, edge polishing, tempered, coating, glaze, etc.


1. Various glass railings.

2. Curtain walls and glass ribs of construction.

3. Doors and windows making, partitions, glass walls and floors, etc

4.Solar glass making

5.As a important materia in appliances and furniture making

6.Usually be used in sanitary products.