compant introduction

Zhejiang Crater network technology co.,ltd was founded in jul. 2015, is one of high-technology enterprises which focused on glass.Till now we have set up 10 operating centers and have more than 100 employee separated in 10 main cities in China and oversea .

Operation by Zhejiang crater network technology co., ltd which is aimed at establishing the most famous service platform of glass industry supply chain.The platform provides the glass industry participants with open, efficient,and convenient procurement, large-scale customization, capacity sharing and other services. At the same time, it also provides technical support for glass enterprises in production and development.

Main business  

We mainly sold varieties of float glass,including clear glass,ultra clear glass,low- e glass,tinted glass,ect. Besides,we also supply Processed glass,Mirrors,Sanitary Product,Machine & Equipment .


June 2018, our company's "" platform completed hundreds of millions of yuan of A+ round financing, led by Huarui Investment, followed by Tianchen Investment. (the third rounds) This round of financing will be mainly used for the establishment of logistics supply chain, talent introduction, technology investment, market investment and other aspects.

Mr. Kang Mingzhu said, CEO of, the company had received five rounds of financing (two rounds of Xiongniu investment) totaling hundreds of millions of yuan.

It is worth mentioning that within three years after its establishment, the performance of experienced sustainable growth. The cumulative trading volume of sales has exceeded 2.5 billion, and the number of dealmaking transactions has exceeded 20 billion, with a monthly increase of 117%.

Glass, as an irreplaceable building material product, China has a big glass market.But the traditional glass industry has a series of problems. Dispersed middle - stream processing plant , small profit space, long procurement channel, low procurement efficiency, lack of polymerization capacity; The curtain wall company engineering loss is high. Therefore, the glass industry needs a revolution, and needs more efficient service (glass processing factories need more high-quality and convenient logistics service,equipment maintenance service; Curtain wall company also needs better technical service(glass 3D modeling technology, etc.), and also needs combine with information technology to reduce costs and increase efficiency. This is the original intention of the establishment of After three years of development, jubo has become a comprehensive glass trading and service platform of the whole national industry chain.Covering various businesses such as procurement, logistics services, equipment maintenance service and technical service.