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Clear Glass


Clear glass is also called white sheet glass or clear sheet glass.According to its appearance quality, flat glass is divided into three grades: excellent, first-class and qualified.With the development of glass production industrialization and scale, many kinds of glass appear with different peformence and use. Recent years, glass plays a important role in daily life,production and technology.


Clear glass has good fluorescence and light transmittance.It has a lower transmittance to ultraviolet light in the sun. It's a material which has sound insulation and certain thermal insulation in some way.Its tensile strength is far less than compressive strength,it is a typical of brittle material.


Different thickness glass is used for different ways:

(1)3-4mm glass. This glass is mainly used for frame surfaces.

(2)5-6 mm glass. Mainly used in  windows making.

(3)7-9 mm glass. Mainly used for indoor screen.

(4) 9-10 mm glass. Mainly used in indoor partition, railings and other decoration projects.

(5) 11-12 mm glass. It can be used in the glass doors making and partition making to seperate the larger flow of people.

(6) Above 15 mm.  Usually need to be ordered, mainly used in whole glass wall.