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Tinted Glass


Tinted glass is a kind of energy saving decorative glass which can absorb the heat rays of sunlight and keep good transparency. Tinted glass usually has a certain color, soit also be called tinted heat absorbing glass. Tinted glass has many colors,such as tawney, blue, grey, green, golden and other colors.


1.More visible light can be absorbed.

2.It can absorb ultraviolet rays of the sun.

3.It has bright colors and good stability.It can increase the appearance of  constructions at the same time.

4.It can effectively absorb solar radiation and produce "cold chamber effect", which can achieve the effect of heat preservation.


Tinted glass is widely used in the places where need light-admitting quality and heat insulation. It can use sunlight effectively, adjust indoor temperature and save air-conditioning cost. At the same time,it also has a good decorative effect on the appearance of buildings. Commonly used in doors,windows and glass curtain wall.