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EVA Film


EVA film has strong adhesion to inorganic glass, with characteristics such as toughness, transparency, temperature resistance, cold resistance, high bonding strength and good moisture resistance. EVA film is an ideal and economic adhesive material for making safety laminated glass in the world, and can partly replace PVB materials used in automobile and construction industries. The safety laminated glass produced by it can achieve the ideal effect of safety, heat preservation, wind resistance, impact resistance, sound insulation and UV protection.EVA adhesive glass film is a semi-transparent film on both surfaces before being heated. After being heated and solidified, it has excellent transparency and produces very high bonding strength with the glass. It can be applied to the laminating process of various kinds of glass.


1. High transparency, high adhesion, impact resistance and good durability.

2.It can resist high temperature, moisture, UV, etc, and can be used outdoors for a long time.

3. Store at room temperature. The adhesion of EVA is not affected by humidity and hydrophilic film.

4. Compared with PVB, it has stronger sound insulation effect.