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Low-e glass, also known as low-radiation glass, is a film system made by coating the glass surface with multiple layers of metal or other compounds. The coating has the characteristics of high transmission to visible light and high reflection to infrared ray, making it has an excellent heat insulation and good light transmittance compared with common glass and traditional coated glass. According to the production process, low-e glass can be divided into online emissivity coated glass and offline emissivity coated glass. The off-line emissivity coated glass is produced by depositing one or two 10-20nm silver layers on float glass surface. It has good heat insulation,remarkable heat preservation and excellent energy saving. Energy saving rate can reach about 65-71%.


Low-e glass was mainly applied to building doors and windows making, which can greatly reduce the transfer of indoor thermal energy caused by radiation to the outside, achieving energy saving effect. The visible light transmittance of low-e glass is different from 0% to 95% generally. The on-line emissivity coated glass is a kind of multilayer pyrolysis glass produced by the new on-line CVD method, which can effectively prevent the transmission of infrared thermal radiation inside and outside the room, and the visible light can pass through highly and no reflected light pollution, allowing some to pass through the near infrared ray of solar radiation. The off-line emissivity coated glass can’t be used as a single piece, only be made hollowly. It has excellent thermal insulation and energy saving.


On-line emissivity coated glass:

On-line emissivity coated glass is mainly used in buildings requiring single-piece low-e glass. Mainly used in windows and curtain wall that the conduction coefficient request is not very high. Energy - saving glass for refrigerator industry, highway and luxuriuos bus.

Off-line emissivity coated glass:

Off-line emissivity coated glass is mainly used in the manufacturing of insulating glass, which allows the access of visible light and controls the solar energy. The off-line emissivity coated glass only be made hollowly, has excellent heat insulation and energy saving effect, and the performance is stable and reliable. As the use of curtain walls and windows can greatly decrease the amount of air conditioners and energy consumption.